Someplace in between
2018 - ongoing
In this series I digitally construct various source photographs taken from a variety of locations over extensive periods of time into single images. Using this process, I intend to create simulated images of reality. These images are manipulated in a way that eliminates clues to the location or environment of these buildings. The surroundings feel familiar, but also foreign. Removing the environmental context leaves the viewer with an unusual, utopian-like setting. The lack of human traces throughout the architecture may stir feelings of uncertainty. With a closer inspection of the images, there are details revealed that look unreal. These technical imperfections intend to raise question to the truthfulness of these photographs. I understand that questioning legitimacy is now more relevant than ever when it comes to the rising consumption of images in today’s world. Utilizing a medium that is often associated with truth, I acknowledge photography’s role in the ‘post-truth’ era and construct images that transgress the line between fabrication and reality.