Pinnacle Fitness Center at Robson Ranch in Denton Texas Interior Photo
Life Cycle Stationary Bikes at the Robson Ranch Pinnacle Fitness Center in Denton Texas Interior Photo
I've lately been re-editing some of my past architectural photography work with the intention of achieving true color. This involves removing color contamination, which is common when you run into a space with multiple sources of light. Here are some interior photos I shot for Robson Resort Communities of their Pinnacle Fitness Center at their Robson Ranch location in Denton, Texas.
This job involved photographing Robson Ranch's new Pinnacle Fitness Center. There was high attention to color regarding the design of this project, especially the main lobby. As color was heavily important element to the interior of this building, I needed to accurately represent all of the aspects of color. I first composited all of the exposure layers together in Photoshop and then moved to editing color. For just about each color in the image I made a path selection using the pen tool. Then using the eyedropper tool I selected a color from the different color sections and painted in that specific color throughout that area using a color layer and a brush tool. Doing this gives a more accurate and vibrant tone to specific colors in the image, while also removing color contamination, such as green or yellow on the walls from the outside.