Living Room Interior with Wooden Beams in Dallas Texas
White Modern Bathroom with tub in Dallas Texas
Bright Modern kitchen interior Dallas Texas
Bright Master Bedroom with view of pool
Dallas White Granite Modern Kitchen Interior
A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing some Dallas home interiors  for Quality Craftsmen Inc. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoots.
For these photos I was shooting tethered to Capture One. Using Capture One's live view was a huge help with getting compositions lined up symmetrically and moving objects around in the scene. The main living room of the first house included large wooden beams that supported the tall ceiling. I made sure to construct the photograph around the wooden beams, which provided color and contrast to the space. The master bathroom's color palette was very light, so I needed a lot of light to portray this space with that same feeling. The resulting photo was lit almost entirely with a strobe giving it a very bright, natural look. The kitchen was one of my favorites to ever shoot. The design was very clean, with splashes of color throughout. The room was easier to shoot because it had a lot of available light from windows. I used a strobe to highlight certain aspects of the room and to add some contrast to certain areas. The master bedroom interior had a light green wall which seemed to compliment the wood details of the bed frame and side tables. I used a strobe to add to the natural light coming in through the window to give a little bit more of a punch to the rest of the room, while also making sure to show the view of the pool through the doors. We moved to a second nearby house where we needed to photograph a kitchen. I decided to use a two point perspective on this kitchen island so we could also see the stove at the back with the windows. This photo was lit entirely artificially with a single strobe using multiple exposures. After rearranging some of the items around the kitchen, I was happy with how the end result came out.