Dallas Bright modern bathroom with natural wood details interior photo
A photo from an interior shoot this morning in a Dallas home. Loving this bright modern bathroom interior with natural wood details. I had fun lighting this bathroom interior mainly with artificial light and attempting to get a natural look.
I first began by taking a few ambient exposures of the room with the available light. Next I used a strobe to bounce light off of the ceiling of the bathroom to have couple of flash exposures (I use these later in Photoshop mainly for color correction).  I noticed that there was a small ray of light coming in through the upper window above the shower so I decided I wanted to highlight this aspect of the room. I placed my strobe onto a stand outside the bathroom window and experimented with different angles of light to figure out what looked natural. After setting the correct angle, I placed a large diffuser in between the strobe and the window, creating a more natural and even looking ray of light spreading across the bathroom. 
Using Photoshop, I blend the layers using masks and blending modes to achieve the final image. I started with my base exposure layer and blended up brighter layers to build up my exposure. I then blended in the window light exposure using a layer mask. Lastly, I placed my bounce flash layer on top and set it to color mode. Switching my flash layer to color mode allows for the neutral white balance from the strobe flash to be used in the rest of the image.