LVL 29 Luxury Apartments in Plano Texas Architectural Photo
This is an exterior architectural photo shot for Humphreys & Partners Architects of their new luxury sky rise apartment project LVL 29 in West Plano, Texas. As the building was still under construction, I had to figure out a way to make the construction area not too obvious. 
For this exterior shot of the building, I decided that sunset would be best so I could photograph the light wrapping around the curvature of the right side to highlight that aspect of the architecture. I got to the site well before dusk and grabbed many different exposures all through the sunset to composite later. I was presented with a major dilemma. I needed to make an under construction building look incredible. The building was definitely still in progress. The construction fence was covered with tattered banners and behind that was piles and piles of construction debris. It was very distracting and I knew it would be a pain to remove in post. I decided to stay a little longer after sunset and shoot some longer exposures of cars that happened to pass by right in front of all of the construction. After about thirty minutes of waiting for cars to pass by, I had the car trails I needed. The resulting image includes several different car trails composited together to cover up parts of the construction that was too distracting.