Neighbor II, 2018

In the Fall of 2017, I moved away from my hometown to Denton, Texas. Placed in a new environment, I started a project to better understand the area around my new home. With the uneasy feelings that comes with moving to a new location, my camera was a way for me to cope with my sudden change of setting. While making the work exclusively in the Northridge neighborhood of Denton, I repeatedly found myself drawn to the streets of Amherst & Malone.            

Amherst & Malone is an impression of modern suburbia and the notion of the American dream. Through the juxtaposition of portraits of neighborhood residents and the surrounding environment, a closer look at suburban life is unveiled. By objectively documenting these photographs, the interpretation of the images is left open to the viewer.

Green Truck, 2018

Camper, 2018

Neighbor IIII, 2018

Cut Tree, 2018

Green Grass, 2018

Neighbor III, 2018

Advertisement Dispensers, 2018

Neighbor I, 2018

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