Swing Set, 2018, Pigment Print, 20" x 20"

This body of work investigates urban sprawl within the regions of Dallas/Fort Worth. Between the years 1980 and 2010, this area has physically expanded by 116.9 percent. At a current approximate population of seven million, Dallas/Fort Worth is projected to reach over ten million by 2040. With the rapid rise in population, mass physical expansion undoubtedly follows. By digitally compositing various photographs of architecture onto photographs of undeveloped areas of Dallas/Fort Worth, this project aims to visualize what uninhabited plots of land could look like in years to come. More specifically, the images predict what these spaces would look like as they grow older, past the height of their economic success. These images portray what may be perceived as a future ruin. The resulting digitally constructed landscapes present a synthesized reality that seems to blur the lines between truth and fantasy.

Grass Behind Warehouse, 2018, Pigment Print, 20" x 30"

Water Puddles on Gravel, 2018, Pigment Print, 20" x 20"

Traffic Barrier, 2018, Pigment Print, 20" x 20"

White Building, 2018, Pigment Print, 20" x 30"

Eye Catching Banners & Displays, 2018, Pigment Print, 20" x 20"

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